How to make meaningful and lasting change when incorporating mental health strategies.

Time after time, businesses invest in mental health training to appease workers or look good on paper, without any real dedication.

Making meaningful and lasting change when it comes to creating a mentally well workplace takes more than business-as-usual approaches that prioritise workplace leaders and leave out everyone else. At MWW, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving workplace mental health.

Too many organisations hold the belief that dealing with workplace mental health means spending a lot of money, partaking in one-off training days or, in some cases, deflecting the issue to HR. Mediocrity is no longer good enough when it comes to employee wellbeing. In this current period of COVID-19, where mental health has both been tested and taken the spotlight, it is all the more imperative that organisations make the mental health of employees a priority. This time of change presents an opportunity for workplace leaders to take a committed and systematic approach to workplace mental health. Real, meaningful and sustainable change will only come when mental health training is integrated at all levels of the workplace.

An integrated approach doesn’t mean training every employee as a Mental Health First Aider, but it does mean providing all employees with a foundational level of mental health. We’ve seen real results with our induction courses, which focus on early intervention and awareness training.

Ensuring that every employee has some level of mental health training is a smart investment for your business. In fact, it’s not a question of whether workplaces can afford to invest in mental health, but a question of can they not. Untreated mental illnesses cost Australian businesses over $10 billion per year, and this isn’t improving. When organisations make mental health training accessible to all employees and commit to early intervention strategies that improve wellbeing for all employees, not just those experiencing a mental illness, they’ll also reap the rewards. Investing in employee mental health also means investing in employee engagement and productivity, and therefore company performance.

Put mental health on the agenda by investing in mental health programs for everyone in the workplace. You can start by inducting employees in mental health via our online programs, trusted by leading organisations across Australia. View our courses and see how your workplace can shine the light on mental health by visiting our online Inductions page.