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Who we are:

Mentally Well Workplaces was born from four founders, Amy, Tina, Sally and Pat who had a realisation that most organisations don’t spend enough time talking about mental health! Our team noticed how businesses were prepared to induct employees in physical health and risk training, but often failed to equip their employees with quality mental health training.

Instead of waiting for someone else to step in, we set out to remedy this issue ourselves. In 2018, we created our world-first online mental health induction for employers and employees, which soon grew to include a full suite of holistic mental health services. It’s our holistic approach that sets us apart. Our comprehensive model focuses on ensuring your workplace is implementing training, raising awareness and tracking for ongoing success across all sectors of your organisation. From office-based organisations to industrial sites to remote workers, MWW provides the tools to ensure your workplace is successfully promoting and implementing positive mental health strategies.

Our now growing team (including trainers in nearly every State in Australia) are constantly striving to evolve as we work with some of Australia’s largest and most forward thinking companies. As testament to our hard work and professionalism, in 2020, we where selected to coordinate and rollout one of Australia’s largest ever online MHFA programs known as Counting on U. 

We relish in finding innovative ways to improve employee wellbeing for your business, using a combination of evidence, education and actively listening to the needs of the individuals in the workplace.


Our Mission and Vision

For many of us, our place of work is where we spend a significant portion of our time. Having support and knowing how to give support in the workplace is essential, especially considering that one in five Australians aged between 16-85 experience a mental illness each year.

MWW’s mission is to help all businesses create mentally well work environments, allowing the individuals and teams that make up your organisation to be happier, healthier and more productive. A workplace culture free of the discrimination and stigma which often surrounds mental health means a more successful workplace!

Our ultimate goal is to increase the productivity of workplaces across Australia and ensure that every employee is either educated in or inducted in evidence based mental health training.

Why we do it?

We’ve seen the cost poor workplace mental health can have on Australian businesses and new statistics emerge every year. We believe that every employee deserves access to affordable mental health training and resources, its should be a much of a right as having clean water and toilet paper in your place of work!

If you’ve noticed any of signs of poor mental health in your workplace, or if you’re aware that your employee’s mental wellbeing needs more focus, then our team are here to assist you in implementing the mental health training that’s right for your business. Through our accredited global training courses, mental health inductions and awareness workshops, we’re aiming to help every organisation overcome these issues and realise the benefits of a mentally well workplace.

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