Mental Health Workshops for Leaders and Managers across Australia. Essential wellbeing information your leaders need to know!

We are trusted to provide mental health training across Australia with national and international organisations including:

  • Our leaders and managers workshops are being delivered to employees across all of Australia.
  • Your senior members of staff will be able to speak to our qualified mental health instructors, interact with each other and ask questions.
  • We offer a variety of times ranging from 45 minute lunch and learn through to 90 min workshops with Q&A or our new ‘Vegas Room‘ style leader collaborations.

Choose from a variety of mental health and illness related topics.

Some examples may include:

  • Your legal and ethical requirements
  • Statistics and benefits linked to creating a mentally well workplace
  • Protecting your own and your team members mental health
  • Common mental health disorders and how to approach an employee
  • Dealing with COVID-19, lockdown anxiety and understanding your employees frustrations
  • How to continue effective communication with senior and junior staff
  • Knowing when and how to offer support and check-in
  • And much more

The benefits of online mental health workshops include:

  • Leaders can access our online training from their own home
  • Managers can see the trainer slides as well as interact with each other and ask questions
  • Leaders will be given up to date tips and advice on how to deal with current real world events
  • To keep individuals safe there will be no potentially triggering content ie. suicide or psychosis

If you would like to secure a workshop for your business and leadership team, contact our team directly on 1300 199 849, email or fill in the contact form and we will get in contact with you.

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