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Improve employee productivity and team wellbeing, reduce stress related leave and increase presenteeism via our evidence based mental health training and courses including inductions, workshops, accredited mental health first aid courses, resource hubs and more.

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Mentally Well Workplaces are excited to form an important partnership with Deakin University in order to provide 5000 finance professionals and business owners with evidence based mental health and relationship building training.

We are extremely proud to have co-designed and facilitate the delivery of this program to small business owners across Australia, in conjunction with partners Mental Health First Aid Australia, Beyond Blue, Worksafe Victoria and various accounting bodies.

Tina Winchester, our Director of Mental Health and Counting on U Trainer Coordinator says “

“We are thrilled to work with Deakin Business School and other partner organisations to provide this essential mental health training. The Counting on U Program provides relationship building training to help financial services professionals grow their already solid relationships with SME clients and through the Blended Online Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Course for Financial Services Professionals, teaches participants signs that could be present in a person they are working with who may be experiencing financial distress.  

This is a vital step forward for the recognition of the importance of mental health training for businesses owners and employees across Australia and we look forward to continuing to provide the Counting on U program throughout this year and into 2022.

Learn more about about the Counting on U program by visiting this link.

Wellness Hub & Mental Health Induction Update

+ Employees enrolled into online Inductions & the Wellness Hub
+ Video impressions from online courses and Hub content in the last 12 months
+ Online video, audio and downloadable mental health & resilience resources
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    “The remote working induction has been a positive tool for everyone, helping them to identify ways they can work smarter from home.

    The whole team has come back with some fantastic ideas and actions to put in place to ensure they are not only working more productively but also ensuring they are creating a good work/home life balance and keeping themselves happy and healthy.”

    Why Do We Need Mentally Well Workplaces?

    Our mission is to help all Australian businesses to create a ‘Mentally Well Workplace’ which allows individuals, teams and workplaces to flourish. 

    Australian businesses need this because:
    • Workplace claims for mental injury in Australia average $24,500 compared to $9,000 for all other claims
    • The average time off work for employees with a mental injury is 15.3 weeks compared to 5.5 weeks for all other claims
    • The total cost to the Australian economy of mental ill-health is $12.8 billion each year
    • Only 20% of employers offer mental health awareness initiatives and training, however 88% of employees want more dialogue surrounding mental health.
    The benefits are strong:
    • If employers can deliver mentally well workplaces they could realistically see workforce participation rates improve by 30%
    • Companies that improve their workplaces & invest time, resources & money into their employees mental wellness are likely to expect a return of $2.30 for every one dollar invested (PwC, 2014).
    • Committed employees are 87% less likely to resign (statistics courtesy of Allianz’s Awareness Into Action Report, Jan 2019)

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