“Shining a light on mental health in the workplace”
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Creating Mentally Well & Progressive Workplaces across Australia

Our mission is to help all Australian business create Mentally Well and Progressive Workplaces, that allow careers, teams and individuals to flourish in a supportive and educated environment free of discrimination and stigma.

Our primary goals is to increase Australian workplaces productivity, whilst lowering employee absenteeism, turnover and reducing mental health related workers compensation


What is a Mentally Well & Progressive Workplace & how can you help create one?

  • A Mentally Well and Progressive Workplace, or a MWPW, is one that actively encourages and promotes positive mental health for all employee and stakeholders.
  • A MWPW will have a minimum of one qualified and accessible Mental Health First Aider as a part of their business
  • A MWPW reduces psychological health and safety risks and encourages mentally healthy work practices
  • A MWPW Allows employees access to readily available mental health and progressive workplace resources such as written guides, videos, online communities, mental health experts, mental health first aiders, webinars and more
  • A MWPW encourages its employees to undertake modern mental health practices whilst also enabling a recovery and modern return to work process
  • A MWPW is free of discrimination and afford employees who have experienced mental health, a workplace that is non judgemental and accommodating in recovery whilst supporting active workplace and team participation

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