We provide organisations with the tools they need to create healthier, more productive and mentally aware employees and workplaces.

Our evidence-based mental health training courses equips employers and employees with an actionable framework to promote psychological safety. Just like our name suggests, we’re passionate about ensuring all workplaces are mentally well.

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Did you know that we coordinate one of Australia’s largest online MHFA programs, known as Counting on U?

The renowned Counting on U training program has turned over one of the largest number of accredited Mental Health First Aider’s in Australia as well as providing unique relationship based training for thousands of advisors.

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  • Leaders and employees responsibilities
  • Building a foundation for success
  • Implement a mental health plan
  • Training required to develop employee awareness
  • Appropriate skills to identify psychological risks
  • And much more.

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      Why do we need Mentally Well Workplaces?

      Our mission is to help all Australian businesses to create a ‘Mentally Well Workplace’ which allows individuals, teams and workplaces to flourish. 

      Australian businesses need this because:
      • Workplace claims for mental injury in Australia average $24,500 compared to $9,000 for all other claims
      • The average time off work for employees with a mental injury is 15.3 weeks compared to 5.5 weeks for all other claims
      • The total cost to the Australian economy of mental ill-health is $12.8 billion each year
      • Only 20% of employers offer mental health awareness initiatives and training, however 88% of employees want more dialogue surrounding mental health.
      The benefits are strong:
      • If employers can deliver mentally well workplaces they could realistically see workforce participation rates improve by 30%
      • Companies that improve their workplaces & invest time, resources & money into their employees mental wellness are likely to expect a return of $2.30 for every one dollar invested (PwC, 2014).
      • Committed employees are 87% less likely to resign (statistics courtesy of Allianz’s Awareness Into Action Report, Jan 2019)