In-house Mental Health Workshops For Organisations across Melbourne and Victoria

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Custom Mental Health Workshops throughout Melbourne – We come to your workplace!

Accredited Mental Health Trainers offering interactive and engaging workshops tailored to your industry, specific requirements and Victorian employee needs. Evidence based employee mental health training is important because the statistics don’t lie:

  • In Australia it is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost our workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year in relation to work related mental stress!
  • 45% of Australia employees between the ages of 16-85 will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime (ABS)
  • Mental Health Workshops and Seminars will help educate all employees about mental illnesses & their impact to their careers as well as give your team the tools to identify, address & deal with mental health in the workplace

Our local Melbourne based qualified team of mental health trainers offer tailored workshops and seminars in the workplace, which are designed to provide:

  • An increased awareness and knowledge for all employers & employees about mental illnesses and mental health conditions in the workplace
  • Up-to-date statistics surrounding not only the prevalence of mental illnesses, but also data on its impact to both employers and employees
  • An overview of more common and less common mental illnesses, including strategies for everyone to be able to identify, ask about, listen and respond to, and then follow up with employees and colleagues who may be experiencing a mental health issue.
  • Detailed strategies for everyone on how to create and maintain a mentally well workplace.
  • All employees with information on how to support recovery at work, inclusive of avenues for professional support
  • Knowledge on accountability of employers and employees surrounding mental health in the workplace
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Our workshops are tailored to suit the industry sector and designed to educate all Victorian employees no matter what their title.  Mental health does not discriminate!

Our team have extensive mental health services and training experience as well as qualifications in the following:

  • Principal Master Accredited Mental Health First Aid Trainer qualifications
  • Formal Training, Counselling & Management and / or psychology qualifications
  • Workplace Mental Health Induction Certificate
  • And hundreds of hours training experience working alongside and coaching businesses, leaders and employees throughout Australia.

We provide workplace training all types of Victorian employees from the ‘CEO’ to the ‘Intern’. We can can provide specific training for executives, leaders, employees or a blended workshop for everyone upon request.

Not in Melbourne Metro? We do offer travel to some remote Victorian locations and are happy to discuss this with your team.

Enquire About Mental Health Workshops For Your Business

Example of organisations we have provided Mental Health Workshops for:

  • Global construction companies
  • National insurers
  • Global technology firms
  • Leading schools and Universities
  • Global transport companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Recruitment companies
  • Council and Government organisations
  • Non for profits and Charities
  • And many more
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Enquire About Mental Health Workshops in Melbourne and wider Metro area

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