Mentally Health Induction Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why was the Mental Health Induction created?

A) The mental health induction was created to be used as an early intervention and education tool in workplaces. A majority of Australian workplaces use or follow some sort of induction process focused on safety and harm, however mental health is rarely discussed or included in this process.

If mental health is covered in a workplace induction, it is often a brief mention of support services available, as opposed to educating employees about the types of mental illnesses and their impact, how to identify, address and respond to mental health at work, links to WH&S and policies, avenues for support, accountability and more.

Q) Why should Australian organisations include a Mental Health Induction as part of their employee training and onboarding program?

A) Evidence based mental health training can help lower employee turnover and absenteeism and assist with a reduction in mental health related compensation claims. The mental health induction aids the creation of cohesive and productive workplaces which will benefit employee wellness, keep team synergy strong & aid the creation of a high functioning mentally well workplace.

Q) What is the goal of the Mental Health Induction?

A) The goal of the mental health induction is to increase awareness of mental illnesses and the impact to individuals, the workplace and careers whilst educating employers and employees on how to identify, address & respond to mental illnesses in a work environment

Q) I’ve got an Employee Assistance Program or provider in place, won’t they take care of this?

A) No. Employee Assistance Programs are fantastic, however they are often activated once an issue has taken place and in some circumstances can cause distrust between an employer and employee.

The Mental Health Induction is a proactive approach to employee wellness, looking to educate employees and employers about mental health, and can be used as a preemptive approach to creating a mentally well workplace.

Q) How much does it cost to put an employee through the Mental Health Induction?

A) We prepare customised quotes for you or your workplace depending on how many employees are undertaking the induction.

Q) Do you provide SCORM files of the Induction for use on an internal LMS?

A) Yes. We can liaise with your business to provide SCORM files depending on how many employees are undertaking the Induction.

Q) Can our business customise and / or white-label the Induction?

A) Yes. We can create custom versions of the Induction including placing business logos throughout, providing business specific resources and applying your businesses colours and name through the animated videos and content upon request, and dependent on how many employees are undertaking the Induction.

Q) What happens after an employee completes the Mental Health Induction?

A) Upon finishing the induction, each employee will be emailed a certificate of completion.

To follow on, we recommend all workplaces book in a 90 minute induction debrief workshop, where one of our trained and accredited mental health experts will come into your business and conduct a personalised mental health workshop which includes a detailed question and answer session specific to your employees and organisations needs.

Q) Is the Mental Health Induction similar to a Mental Health First Aid Course?

A) No. Whilst some of the course content covered maybe similar, a Mental Health First Aid Course is often held over 12 hours (2 days) and normally in a face to face training style environment. The Mental Health Induction is purely an online method of mental health training with the option of a face to face debrief workshop held once all employees have completed it.

Q) Can I complete the Mental Health Induction on a mobile phone or tablet device?

A) Yes. The induction is fully compatible on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Q) I have logged into the Induction, but I cannot see the ‘quiz’ link?

A) The first step is to clear your browsers cookies and history. If this does not work, look to see if you are using IE (Internet Explorer)? Unfortunately not all versions of IE are compatible with the Induction, and we therefore recommend using Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Q) Do I have to complete the induction in one sitting and how long does it take?

A) Whilst it is desirable to complete the induction in one sitting, you can turn off a device at a certain point and then re-login later and finish the induction in your own time. Most employees finish the induction within 30-40 minutes.

Q) I’m interested in the induction but I don’t how or where to start? Do you offer a free demonstration?

A) Yes.  After a discussion with our team, we can send you through a customised link so you can undertake a version of the induction in order to get an understanding of the process, content available, video and audio guides and much more. If you would then like to induct all of your employees, we will create a personalised group login for full access.

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