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1. Online Mental Health Induction

workplace online mental health induction

Induct your employees in Australia’s first online workplace mental health induction, an evidence based program designed to educate all employees on mental illnesses in the workplace.

2. Workplace Resilience Induction

resilience employees induction course

Induct your employees in an online workplace resilience induction, designed to enable employees to develop greater psychological flexibility, improved mental health & increased capacity to deal with stressful situations & to maintain optimism.

3. Construction Mental Health Induction

construction workers mental health course

Induct your construction employees in Australia’s first online construction mental health induction, an evidence based program designed to enhances awareness of mental health illnesses & educate employers & employees on the impact to their own well-being.

4. The Remote Workers Mental Health Induction

remote workers mental health course

Induct your remote working employees and educate them on how to manage their mental health, look out for their team members mental well-being and put successful strategies in place to enable remote working success.

“The remote working induction has been a positive tool for everyone, helping them to identify ways they can work smarter from home.

The whole team has come back with some fantastic ideas and actions to put in place to ensure they are not only working more productively but also ensuring they are creating a good work/home life balance and keeping themselves happy and healthy.”

inductions and mental health

“After using CDC as our Employee Assistance provider for over 12 months it was without hesitation that our organisation put the staff through their online mental health awareness induction.

This program has been highly beneficial in ensuring the team can now draw on evidence based tools to help themselves and their team members. Not only has it given staff the vital tools, it has also helped create transparent and healthy conversations surrounding Mental Illness.

Mental wellbeing is so important and the support mechanisms we have in place with CDC offer security in knowing our staff are well cared for in a confidential and safe setting”

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