Evidence Based Mental Wellness Programs For Every Workplace

Our accredited mental health experts provide comprehensive employee wellness programs offering early intervention induction training, targeted surveys, strategic workshops, management recommendation reports and the option to undertake accredited mental health first aid courses.

employee mental wellness programs
  • Increase employee education of mental illnesses & their impact 
  • Uncover employee needs and requirements surrounding mental health information, training, programs & systems for your business.
  • Engage employees with face to face industry specific training
  • Start the process of becoming a mentally well workplace with an official management report with recommendations & strategic plans 

Our employee mental wellness packages are designed so you can include just some or all of the mental health services. We customise all of the training to each specific workplaces needs & requirements. 

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1. Online Mental Health Induction

workplace online mental health induction

Induct your employees in Australia’s first online workplace mental health induction, an evidence based program designed to educate all employees on mental illnesses in the workplace, the impact to themselves, their colleagues & careers & help identify & address mental health issues in the workplace.

2. Mental Health Employee Surveys

workplace online mental health induction

Your employees undertake an anonymous mental health survey, designed to uncover the type of information & training your employees want to hear about and receive from your organisation. This information gained is used to help your workplace create a tailored recommendations & strategies to become a mentally well workplace.

3. Tailored Mental Health Workshops

workplace online mental health induction

Our trained and accredited mental health experts will conduct a face to face workshop for your team, tailored to your industry and specific only to your workforce. The workshop will address employee topics of concern and interest as well as run through key strategies on how you and everyone in your workplace can identify, address and support mental illnesses in colleagues at work.

4. Management & Recommendation Report

workplace online mental health induction

Based off the information learnt throughout the employee wellness program, we prepare a detailed report of findings and recommendations on how you can create a mentally well workplace and best support your employees moving forward. The report looks at your workplace as a whole and details strategies to undertake moving forward.

5.  Mental Health First Aid Course

workplace online mental health induction

Our 12-hour Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course teaches your staff how to provide support to other team members who are experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental illness.

Just like physical first aid and the related courses, Mental Health First Aid is applied until the crisis resolves or that person undertakes professional help. Mental Health First Aid strategies are taught in evidence-based training courses authorised by Mental Health First Aid Australia.

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