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“Every remote working employee deserves to be inducted in mental health”

Why should your remote working employees undertake a Mental Health Induction?

The Remote & Stay At Home Workers Mental Health Induction was created as an online training program to educate remote working employees on how to manage their mental health, look out for their team members mental well-being and put successful strategies in place to enable remote working success.

The Remote & Stay At Home Workers Mental Health Induction Induction will educate employees on:

  • Dealing with isolation
  • Monitoring team members mental health
  • Tips to stay motivated
  • Strategies to manage your own anxiety and stress
  • The importance of routine and structure
  • Maintaining sleep
  • Building resilience in a remote working environment and much more
Watch the video to get an overview of what’s included in the Remote & Stay at Home Workers Mental Health Induction.

Once you have a login, you can begin the induction by clicking on the ‘quiz link’ below. Remember to watch each video in its entirety before answering each question.

If you would like to request a ‘free online demonstration’ or enquire about putting your employees through the remote workers mental health induction please click here to contact our team.

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