Meet our talented Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Robyn Rottinger

Robyn Rottinger, Principal Master Instructor, MHFA Trainer Profile;

Q: What inspired you to become a MHFA Instructor and how long have you been delivering the courses? 

I’ve been working in the Mental Health for the past 10 years, and first was trained in MHFA whilst as a Counsellor for Lifeline.  Then I was offered a role as Educator with a Recovery College and the opportunity to become an Instructor for MHFA appeared.  That was just three years ago now, and haven’t stopped training.  Now I am a Principal Master with MHFA, which speaks to the demand for courses, experience and number completed. 

Q: Why do you think Mental Health First Aid training is so important for financial professionals?

 It’s essential training for all adults, but in particular those in the Financial setting would see a lot of distress, and can be at the forefront to assist.  As early intervention is proven to show better outcomes.  So essential FP are trained. 

Q: What makes you so passionate about your work as an MHFA Instructor for the Counting on U Program with Mentally Well Workplaces?

It’s the 360 degree of training.  Not only to deliver accredited training such as MHFA, but also the back up training, to support each FP’s growth and understand in a gradual way. This really compliments the integration of the training every step of the way.

Q: What are 3 things you like to focus on and do exceptionally well when delivering Mental Health First Aid courses?

 Lightbulb moments working though the evidence, creating a safe environment for FP’s to practise skills taught and feel comfortable having conversations about suicide.

Q:What are your own self-care practices for staying mentally well?   

 Play ukulele and sing, enjoy my new puppy and indulge in watercolour painting, along with meditative sleep stories at night.

Q: Why would you recommend finance professionals, small business owners and employees in general become accredited Mental Health First Aiders? 

It’s an award winner for de-stigmatising mental illness in Australia.  MHFA also contains the best and latest information, delivered in a practical down to earth way, which creates confidence and understanding to all those who do the training.

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